Conventional & Integral Power Tongs

The Right People

Experience and skill of the power tong technician plays a major role in the safety and efficiency of a casing run. This makes the selection of your power tong service company a key component of overall performance. ProTorque attracts and employs some of the industries most talented and experienced casing running technicians.

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Power Tong Selection

Proper power tong selection for every casing connection is a critical aspect of any tubular running operation. Premium connection torque values typically dictate the use of a FMS back up or an integral power tong to meet correct manufacturer make up specifications. ProTorque has an expansive fleet of specialized casing running equipment to support the make-up of high torque connection values up to 85 000 ft/ lbs while maintaining a small foot print on the rig floor. Our focus is on having the right power tong equipment for every job.

Handling Equipment

Every detail of a casing run must be considered when looking for cost savings and efficiency; particularly on long production strings where every second counts while maintaining a safe operation. When making-up four hundred or more connections, shortening fill times by filling on the fly and selecting the correct handling equipment (air or hydraulic powered slips) we save time and effort on long challenging casing runs. ProTorque can meet handling requirements of up to 500 tons of hoist.

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Contact us to see how we can provide the correct casing running solutions for today’s technical programs.

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