Real Time Drilling Data

ProTorque TTS is installed in the top drive to measure torque, tension, RPM, pressure and 3D acceleration directly at the drill string real time. This eliminates algorithm, survey, down hole, hydraulic or electronic signal and sheave friction data errors. This means improved drilling data acquisition for improved BHA performance and life.

 Torque & Drag Analysis

The ProTorque TTS can measure reactive torque of a down-hole mud motor when the top drive is not rotating (and not providing torque readings). Torque can be monitored even while drilling in the horizontal section of directional wells. The high speed/ high resolution tension measurements enable precise accurate and efficient auto-driller controls. ProTorque TTS data can provide early detection of down hole problems and conditions such as stick-slip, stuck pipe, high mechanical specific energy (MSE), and excess hole drag. For example, extreme stick-slip can destroy drilling bits and cause lost drill strings due to backed-off connections. Excessive shock events can be prevented by measuring acceleration. Fishing for a lost drill string is very expensive, typically $400,000.00 per event. The ProTorque TTS can be equipped with additional sensing capabilities for bending and shear to diagnose and solve quill damage issues due to top drive alignment problems. Torque and tension data measurements each use multiple strain gages that are distributed evenly around the core to compensate for off-axis loads such as bending.

3D Acceleration

To record and measure acceleration, the ProTorque TTS can be equipped to measure pump pressure to 5000 psi, RPM to 250 Rev/Min, and 3 axis XYZ acceleration to ± 70 g. It’s designed with 2 independent measurement channels for redundancy in critical applications or to provide additional measurements. Each channel transmits on a different RF frequency to help avoid rig interference issues and is range-tested to 1200 feet.


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